Monday, January 31, 2011

The Book of Mormon 2.0

As I have been discussing the emergence of the Book of Mormon, my point has not been to simply present research on a subject which seems unimportant in light of the actual goals of the book. As I have discussed The Book of Mormon's emergence and how it has slowly been flooding the earth, I plan to propose what I believe to be the best way this book can be accessible to all the earth.

Welcome to Book of Mormon 2.0
It has been the vision of past and present-day leaders of the LDS church to, "...flood the earth with the Book of Mormon" (Benson). In this technology-driven 21st century, the way to bring the Book of Mormon to all corners of the earth is to digitize it. However, it is not enough to only have the Book of Mormon available. Society must be informed of its presence. It is my contention that the internet, blogs particularly, is the medium through which the Book of Mormon will flood the earth. It is not enough to have a link where one can order a printed copy of the Book of Mormon. Forums must be created where we personalize the messages within the Book of Mormon; forums where discussion can occur; forums where we peak society's interest and help all types of people confront and take charge of their personal salvation.

That, my friends, is my mission with this project. How will such a feat be accomplished? In m
y next posts I will discuss how a personal blog can become one of the greatest missionary tools available.


  1. We just had John Hilton, from CES, as a speaker at our stake standards night. He spoke about how using the internet as a missionary tool is fulfilling the 13th article of faith, where we say we will seek after things that are of good report. I liked that take on it. Good for you for making such real efforts in such a good cause.

  2. Karen! YES! I love fulfilling a commandment and not knowing about it =P The internet's ability to connect people even in the most remote places leads me to believe this will be the tool to teach people about the church. I believe the LDS church has done a good job about putting their resources online, but I believe the real change will come when personal stories/testimonies will lead people to the church's resources. Do you think personal blogs which have the occasional post about the "spiritual" (if you will), or purely "spiritual" or "scripture journal type" blogs would be better for that objective?