Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Putting the Money Where the Mouth Is

Ok friends, I have put my money where my mouth is and started a "scripture blog":

The first post is a bit explanatory, and in subsequent posts I will begin writing on what I learned through my scripture study.

This brings up a question I've been wrestling with. I am trying to avoid stigma. Obviously I will have some stigma, as I am discussing the Book of Mormon and am a Mormon myself. However, would it be better to have the blog be a personal blog, and insert a few posts per week with a more spiritual vein, or is it ok to have a blog which specifically discusses what I learned in reading the scriptures that day? What are your thoughts? Would one be better than the other, or is it 6 of one and a half-dozen of another?


  1. Both ideas are great and you could definitely make them work. But I think that what would make your scripture blog unique would be YOUR personal take on the scriptures. There are books written out there on what people have learned from the Book of Mormon. But I'd read your blog because I want to see what kind of impact the Book of Mormon has on Becca Hay--a Mormon college student. And I think that that's what other people would be interested in hearing as well.

  2. I think your blog can be whatever you want. Just stay true to what you commit to. I have friends with response blogs (reading), cooking blogs, personal blogs, etc. I can barely take good care of one!

  3. Emily- thank you. I have been thinking that a themed blog would be better for this project and decided to stick with a spiritually themed blog while incorporating it with everyday elements.
    Karen- I'll stay true :) You made a good point when you said you can barely take "good" care of one. I want to take "good" care of this blog, not mediocre. Thanks for the comment!