Friday, February 4, 2011

Evaluating What's Out There

As I have been getting some feedback and consulted with some people who are more current in this field than me (shout out to Prof. Burton!), I realized this idea I have is not incredibly original. It has been argued and pushed before. The idea of Mormon blogs is nothing new to the internet. The website, my personal internet demi-god, has a whole page on LDS blogs and a simple Google search reveals these "Mormon Blogs."

However, I would also contend that these blogs are not doing the job they set out to do. I would consider my internet knowledge that of your average reader's. I had no idea these blogs existed until I began doing some research. Fair enough, they're not hard to find. But they do seem to be grouped under the category of "Mormon Blog" which really does not promote the everyday image I believe we need to get The Book of Mormon everywhere. Granted, when your average Mormon is blogging about the Book of Mormon, this does present a bias. But when you write personal feelings, human responses, when the writer is not contending why Gadianton really isn't to blame for the Gadianton Robbers (come on, really?), but rather commenting on how their religion is their life, not just a day of the week, that is when the bias leaves and the "human" emerges. We want to remove the stigma that labels The Book of Mormon as only a "Mormon" book and show it as one more work of scripture which furthers christinaity.

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